Hello & welcome!

My name is David Ryan Taylor. In 2016 I realized that I was losing my battle with depression and anxiety. For 20 years it had dictated the pace and peculiarities of my life. It is still an occasional companion, but - after stumbling upon a daily meditation & mindfulness practice - my good days greatly outnumber the bad ones. I’d love to help you do the same. On this blog, I share the trials and tribulations of living, and dealing, with depression through a secular meditation practice. I've made it my mission to help others who battle this debilitating disease.

Depression is like struggling to stand atop an undersea ridge, the pressure of 100 feet of water already compressing your every attempt at living, and a weighted belt around your waist. It’s accompanied by the ever-present knowledge that the truly terrifying fall into a bottomless abyss is only an uncontrollable slide away. Light, at this point, is an elevated, distant twinkle meant for “other people”. 

There’s a good chance, if you are reading this right now, you may know exactly what I mean. You’ve either experienced it yourself, or know someone who has battled the same foe. But know this: you are not alone. You are loved. There is hope. It may be difficult to believe in, or just a glimmer on a distant horizon, but it can be reached. But you have to want it, and be willing to work for it.

I’m going to tell you how I’ve done it, and continue to do it. I’m going to give you some tools, some insight, and I’d love your feedback. 

I’m going to share how it hasn’t been easy, and that the battle is (probably) never truly over. This is a real story, like yours, and real stories deserve honesty and authenticity.


You may find a judicious use of Buddhist principles on these pages. Not the crazy, religious zealotry, Buddha statue-thumping kind. The common sense kind. The kind, that when you think about it, you may find yourself saying, "Huh... that actually makes a lot of sense".

I publish (at least) one blog post a week, on Mondays. If you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll also find one of those in your inbox every Monday. Two tools to get your week off to a positive, mindful start. I welcome comments on the blog, as well as emails. I’ll always do my best to respond, in some way. Let me know how I can help you. You won't find any ads on this site. I may, occasionally, link to books or services I have found beneficial, in my own life. Some of these products do pay me a small affiliate percentage, which I use to cover the cost of operating this website.