Ghosts of the Forest BW002

Ghosts of the Forest BW002

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On June 14th, 2015, a small, 2-acre blaze was reported to authorities - just 6 miles north of the Alaskan community of Willow. A community with a rich history in dog mushing.

The fire was started by people who had left several burn barrels unattended. 

It quickly spread out of control. 

Seemingly overnight, 2 acres grew to nearly nearly 8,000, and in its wake, it engulfed 55 homes, 44 buildings, and at least 6 dogs.

I've driven through this region several times since the fire was contained (near the end of July); each trip brought me bit more sadness as I noticed more and more areas that had been destroyed by the blaze. 

One of the more solemn "visits" was when I realized that the area surrounding Kashwitna Lake was hit extremely hard. The far shore of the lake had served as a perfect silhouette & reflection in one of my (personal) favorite photographs, a sunset panorama called 'Covenant'.

Each pass-through, I searched for a way to photograph the damage. But I always left empty-handed. I was unable to find a composition that helped me tell the story I envisioned. 

It took a full 8 months (since the fire was contained) to reconcile my vision. 

I strongly believe that the landscape is trying to tell us its story all the time. It is the hidden muse in the foliage, the spirit in a mountain, a sprite in a crystal clear river... 

What story does the charred remains of a forest wish to tell?

In this photograph, I found the literal spirit of the forest, moving ghost-like amongst the trees.

The literal & the abstract all in one. 

This forest has so many more stories to tell, I'm moved that it allowed me to be the medium of this particular one.

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