3 New Alaskan Wall Calendars Now Available!

After the great success of our first wall calendar (the 2013 Wild Lands & Wild Life Calendar), we were asked to consider making more of them. So we decided to go 'all in' and design 3 completely new themed wall calendars! We're very proud of them, and we think you're going to like them a lot too. First up, is our new 2013 Alaskan Aurora Borealis Wall Calendar! Everyone has been very excited about photographs of the aurora lately, so we went back in our archives and gathered together our 12 best images for use in this new calendar. 12-month wall calendar - $19.00 + shipping.

Next, we have our new 2013 Alaskan Bald Eagles Wall Calendar! The bald eagle is America's most iconic bird, a great source of pride, and is a truly regal creature. This new calendar celebrates the bald eagles of Alaska, and the image of freedom this wonderful bird portrays. 12-month wall calendar - $19.00 + shipping.

And our last addition to our Alaskan Wall Calendar Series is our 2013 Alaskan Sea Otter Wall Calendar! Who doesn't love sea otters? They are quite possibly the most photogenic animal on the planet, and have provided me with literally hundreds of hours of enjoyment as I've observed and photographed these enchanting marine mammals. I think this calendar is going to enchant you, as well - and give you a great reason to smile, every glance you take in its direction. 12-month wall calendar - $19.00 + shipping.

Of course, these three wall calendars join our already available 2013 Alaskan Wild Lands & Wild Life Wall Calendar, a beautiful 13-month celebration of Alaska's wild places and creatures.

You can view each calendar online for free, and you can order your copy/copies on our secure ordering page. Calendars can be shipped to your address or to a family or friend. What a great idea for an inexpensive gift as we near the New Year! If you, or someone you know, loves Alaska - you'll love one of our calendars! Each month is a window to Alaska, and allows you to bring a piece of our grand state into your home or office!

And, if you 'Like' us over on our Facebook Page - we're giving away a calendar to a random fan! That fan gets to chose the calendar they want.