4 'Silver Awards' in Epson International Pano Awards!

I don't do photo competitions. It's kind of a rule.

"Why?" you ask.

3 reasons:

  1. Beauty/Talent is highly subjective/"In the Eye of the Beholder" - What I think is beautiful may be considered rather mundane by others. Similarly, photographs that I have shot and am not a huge fan of, sometimes get a lot of really positive feedback - which I don't understand. But the adoring masses can not be shunned.
  2. Many photo competitions are rights grabbing schemes. Corporations have realized that it's much easier to have hundreds (or thousands) of images given to them, than to actually have to purchase rights to use them. Seriously, have you read some of their verb-age? Phrases such as "you forever allow SO & SO Corp, and all of its subsidiaries, partners, and great uncles 3 times removed unlimited use of images in any way that SO & SO Corp sees fit, for all time, anywhere in the universe." All without promise of payment or request of further use. And yes, some actually include the "... anywhere in the universe". For reals. What's more - many of these contests actually require an entry fee. So you are paying them to take your rights. Must be run by a committee of politicians...
  3. Because.

Hey, I didn't say they were all good reasons.

They're just not my thing.


really love creating panoramic prints. I hope that passion comes through to other people.

A few years ago, I heard about the Epson International Pano Awards.

I have an ever-growing collection of Alaskan panoramic photographs, so I thought this might be a good time to stretch my competitive wings.

"Why?" you ask.

3 reasons:

  1. The Epson International Pano Awards supports The Artist's Bill of Rights. Why is that a good thing, well read point #2 above, then clickee-the-linkee. Up there... to the left... But not yet! Read this blog post first. Come on! Prioritize people! Gosh...
  2. One of the judges this year is close personal friend, Peter Lik.*
  3. Because.

Hey, I didn't say there were all good reasons. (1 is)

Regardless. I entered eight images in the Open Competition/Nature Category.

I was surprised to hear that four of those images were given Silver Awards.


Here are the 4 images that were awarded the Silver Award.


Infinite Cycle

Pioneer and Twin Peaks at Dawn

The Defiant Mirror

Which is your favorite?

Most likely, this will be my last photo competition.

"Why?" you ask

3 reasons:

  1. Some judges are refusing to chose winners for competitions. Now, I sat by and watched (powerless, I might add - except for my fairly childish rant on Facebook. I said 'powerless'. Not voiceless.) as the cheating Seattle Seahawks 'beat' my beloved Green Bay Packers on a crazy Monday Night Football game last season - all due to a very poor showing by 'replacement' "referees". It's the same thing. Referees/judges refusing to do their jobs adequately only benefits disgusting Seahawk fans. Didn't know they had fans anyway.** Oh, and Golden Tate can go play in a busy street. Back to the topic at hand though. What kind of prima donna judge feels so omnipotent that they can create new rules. Ok, so you felt that no one really met your expectations in the competition. Too bad. Judge what is in front of you, versus the other competitors & do your damn job. After you've done your job, then you can speak more openly about your opinion on the quality of today's photography. It's like going to McDonalds and ordering a Big Mac, paying your money, and then being told by the cashier, "we don't feel like serving you." The only result worse than last year's Seattle vs Green Bay debacle, would have been if the refs came on to the field at the end of the 4th quarter and declared, "No victor, neither of you deserve it - despite the point system!" Do your damn job!
  2. I'm a very competitive person. In everything but photography. I don't compare my work to anyone else's. It is a personal journey, and I'm not involved in photography to win awards. Photography is the award.
  3. Because.

Hey, I didn't say they were all good reasons.


Go Packers!

You can view the rest of my Alaskan Panoramic images on this page!

*I am not a close personal friend of Peter Lik. Made that up. Shouldn't of done it. My bad.

**I was just informed that I am no longer welcome in the city of Seattle. Shouldn't have done that. My bad.