Along the Denali Highway

As I mentioned on Monday, I am currently on the road. Where am I?

That's an excellent question. We are driving north towards the Denali Highway - so, depending on when you are reading this, I could be paralleling the Chugach Mountain Range while driving north, then east on the Glenn Highway, or I could be heading north on the Richardson Highway (lookout, CARIBOU!!!), or we may be nearing our arrival time at the wilderness lodge we will call home for the next few nights.

What is it about the Denali Highway that makes me return, year after year?

It is simple. It is the un-Denali National Park.

Just as beautiful (if not more, in some respects!), less people, less restrictive on movement, and without a doubt - some of the finest car camping locations in the world.

"Oh wow! Look at that view!"

Like it? Pull over and claim it. It's yours, for as long as you like. Oh, no - I'm sorry. Your money is no good here.

That's right, you can camp darn near anywhere (there are literally hundreds of car camping pull offs scattered along the length of the road)... for free. Gotta love it.

What's that, you want more info about photographing along the Denali Highway? I'm nearly done with the next segment of my Photography Guide to Alaska, and it is all about the Denali Highway. I'll be working on it, and finishing the first iteration when I return.

For now, here are a few images to wet your appetite.

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