Gypsum Creek & Mountains

Gypsum Mountains Hello everyone!

I wanted to share another photograph from earlier this fall. This one was taken along the Glenn Highway (yep, the "Photography Guide to the Glenn Highway" is coming soon!), near Sheep Mountain Lodge.

I always enjoy this stretch of the highway. The entire drive is scenic, make no mistake, but this view seems almost otherworldly. The mountains take on beautiful, warm pastel earth tones, and the mountains are frequently shrouded in dramatic, low-hanging clouds. Gypsum Creek (just below the frame) carries a golden-tan like sediment from the mountains above.

I have yet to photograph this location in prime fall colors, missed it again this season ("Missed it by that much..."). But that gives me another goal for next year - they just keep piling up:)

I really love the textures of this area. I don't know that the photograph does them justice. Yet another reason I need to keep returning to this area. I find, probably like many landscape photographers, that I need to revisit locations repeatedly to 'get the most from them'. I think you need to know a landscape, intimately, before you can truly share a deeper beauty. First glances are merely cursory looks.

It's like any great relationship. The more time you spend, the more you learn about them, the more you see. The more they let you in.

You have to put in the time.