Hi, I'm David, and I'm a Canvas-Aholic

"Hi, David." _MG_3837

It’s official, I’ve been converted to canvas! Honestly, prior to a few hours ago - I was never a fan of canvas wraps. Never thought they maintained detail like ‘traditional’ (what does that even mean, anymore?) photographic prints. Just spent the last several hours spooling some Epson Exhibition Satin Canvas through our Epson 9900 - bought a 44” x 40’ roll (hey, go big or go home, right?). Then assembled my first two stretcher frames, for the two prints. Both frame kits are distributed under the Hahnemuehle name (but are the same Canvas WrappePRO bars also distributed by Breathing Color), and made by a Canadian company called IG Wrap Inc. They are (to borrow a phrase from ‘across the pond’) BLOODY BRILLIANT. I’ve never wrapped/stretched a canvas print before, but both prints turned out beautifully! Flawless, I would say. Excellent product. The image in these pics is ‘Time & Place’, and as of today is available in Canvas Wrap! These pics show what a 24”x36” canvas wrap looks like, hanging over our couch for a quick trial… Judging by Jena’s response, I think it’s gonna stay there for a while :D