In The Werx - 'Time & Place'

Time and Place

Here’s another sneak peak at a new image that I’ve spent a good amount of time ‘werking’ on. I’ve darkened it significantly for this ‘In The Werx’ preview, but I’ll be posting the final (mastered) version next week - once I’ve lived with it for a little while. One of the things that I do, when finalizing a print, is to use the new image as a desktop on my editing monitor for several days, even weeks or months. I take notes on things that I’d like to adjust and continue working on the image until it is just right. That’s where we are at right now:)

After unveiling these new images (in my ‘In The Werx’ posts), I’ll try to follow up with a ‘behind the scenes/how they were made’ post - for the photographers out there that may be interested in some of my field & digital darkroom techniques.