Lingering Solstice - New Print Release!

We spent much of Summer Solstice with friends, in Anchorage. The weather kept fading in and out, with more clouds building through the afternoon and into the evening. We were actually getting ready to call of the evening's scheduled shoot, when Jena (my lovely wife) persuaded us otherwise.

Just go! You never know...

Being the intelligent man that I am, I listen to my wife.

We drove along the Turnagain Arm to an area that we had scouted in the past, where lupine grow in good numbers. This year though, the lupine were absolutely thick. Albeit in a different area than I had seen in the past.

We arrived a few hours before sunset, and walked amongst the large patches of maturing lupines. Between our slathering of Jungle Juice bug lotion and a homemade concoction of Listerine-based bug spray (which, I am certain, just gave the little buggers fresh breath and a gingivitis-free sucking apparatus) we fended off the mosquito hordes with something akin to grace. Grace laced with flailing arms and hands, and a few spurts of indecent language.

There were interesting clouds gathering in all directions. Many of them were either stacked or thin, drawn out lenticular clouds. To the north, we witnessed one of the largest stacks of lenticular clouds I have ever seen. Alas, it was not in the direction we would be shooting, but it was spectacular none-the-less.

We shot several compositions before sunset, but they were missing that dramatic light. Just when the light was fading, and the air started to cool, Jena said that she was ready to head back to the car. I had a feeling though. There was a hint of color on the horizon, and all that needed to happen was a cloud to shift on the sunset horizon.

Let's wait a little bit. You never know...

In just a few minutes, the horizon began to glow with a deeper orange-redish hue. We watched intently as the color began slowly drifting further south. Moving towards the direction we had our cameras pointed. Then, as I had hoped, a cloud shifted, and a deep shaft of warm light cascaded across the sky above the Turnagain Arm. Thankfully, because of the path of the sun during this time of the year, the light lingered for several minutes before fading from view. It seemed that I didn't take a breath throughout the experience. The light was so gorgeous, I was afraid that any exhalation may have subtly shifted a cloud thousands of feet overhead.

Unlikely. But, you never know...

Lingering Solstice

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