Natural Wreath and a Print Giveaway!

Natural Wreath This was a really fun photograph to make.

Made at the same location that "Fall's Red Carpet" was created, this is another excellent case for keeping your eyes open when you get disappointing light on the mountains.

Or, in our case, no light on the mountains:)

The richness of color in bearberry plants have always drawn my interest in the fall, especially along the Denali Highway. But up until this year, I haven't really spent much time photographing them. I'm not sure why that is, but it may be because of their competition against the grand landscapes that I'm so enthralled by. It is difficult to fight the pull of the Alaska Range, rising precipitously to the north. This landscape screams wide angle, or panoramic (with a mid-telephoto lens).

So, when we first arrived at our location, I was pretty bummed that our views were blocked by low-hanging clouds. In the end, these macro photographs were every bit as rewarding as creating a grand landscape photograph. I glanced over, as I was photographing Fall's Red Carpet, and saw my private tour client hovering over a small ring of brilliant bearberry. Even before I had finished my current exposure, I had this composition in mind.

Does the fact that I added a handful of freshly locally picked blueberries (very locally... they were less than 8 feet away:D) ruin the photograph for you? Or does it add something? I love it, and I'll leave it to the critics and the photo 'purists' to argue it out;)

The ring of red was beautiful on its own, but I wanted to finish it off with another punch of color. The classic 'one, two'.

I think I found my holiday card.

Can I send you a holiday card?

If you want a holiday card with this image on it, just send me an email* through our email form by clicking this link (be sure to include your full mail address - U.S. addresses only, your phone number, and 'Holiday 2013' in the subject line), and I'll pick one person from the list and send a print of "Fall's Red Carpet" along with their card.

I'll be sending out 250 holiday cards.

But one of you, just one, will get a beautiful 24"x36" fine art print (worth $325). That got your attention? :)

Holiday cards (and the one free print) will be mailed just after Thanksgiving.


Email submissions must be submitted by November 10th.

U.S. addresses only please.

1 entry per person.

*I'll never share or sell your information. Never.

Up to 250 holiday cards available.

If we reach November 10th, and there are still entries open, we may extend the entry period. We'll update you as we get closer to November 10th.