New Print Release - Chugach in Transition

Chugach in Transition Good morning everyone!

A few weeks ago, as we were headed back from a whirlwind (early) fall color trip along the Denali Highway and into Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, we stopped at Sheep Mountain Lodge, for our final night. Sheep Mountain Lodge offers simple (albeit a bit pricey) cabins, with extraordinary views and wonderful meals.

On our final morning, we got up early and headed to our primary sunrise location. One that we had thoroughly scouted the evening before. Scouting is good and all, but apparently our crystal balls were still in the shop being polished. Clouds moved in over the area and blocked the prime light.

Luckily, we had scouted a secondary location as well. This photograph was created at a large highway turn off, roughly 15 minutes west of Matanuska Glacier. You know it is going to be scenic, because the State of Alaska has kindly placed a camera sign nearby, denoting that they feel it is of proper 'scenery worthiness' for passersby to pull over and snap a few shots.

Well, in this case, I would tend to agree.

Just beyond the paved turn off and guard rail, the ground falls steeply away, towards the meandering Matanuska River. The terrain here is massive, and a photograph (no matter how good the intentions) can have a difficult time doing the scope and majesty of this scene true justice.

Like I say about nearly every location I visit and photograph, within Alaska, this is 'one of my favorite locations'. It's kind of like choosing between your kids. They all mean something special, but some just outperform others.

Chugach in Transition

I’m proud to release “Chugach in Transition” as a new print to our collectors! This is a warmly lit, (just) after sunrise image of the incredibly beautiful Matanuska River Valley in fall, and the towering Chugach Mountain Range beyond.

I am setting the opening Rendition Print (#1) at an incredible 35″x90″. That's right, the Rendition sizes will be a dramatic nearly 3 feet tall, by 7.5 feet wide! (read about our completely unique ‘Rendition’ prints in this blog post)

Open Editions prints are also available in 14″x36″, 23″x60″, and 28″x72″ sizes. This print will also be available in our new Canvas Wraps in all Open Edition sizes!

If you are a collector, and would like to own the very first Rendition Print of this image, please contact us at 907-315-0191. Likewise, if you would like to own an Open Edition print, we would love to help you.