New Print Release

love creating panoramic prints. There is something about them that speaks to me - they just scream 'Grand!' I think I enjoy them so much because they are (typically) a rare composition - simply put, not every scene lends itself to panoramic work. I'm actually in the middle of writing a panoramic photography tutorial - so look for that next week (finger's crossed:D).

This is another image from our recent backpacking trip into the Talkeetna Mountains. It was taken on our final morning, just before heading back to camp to pack up for the hike out.

I almost didn't make this image. Heck, I almost slept straight through breakfast!

We had spent the last 4 days hiking over rough terrain, and even the (relatively) slight altitude change had taken its toll on me. My body ached a bit still, and I contemplated getting a bit more rest for the 5-mile hike out.

But then it occurred to me. It was our last day. This was my final sunrise. My last chance to make images in prime light for the trip.

My body argued.

My heart won.

This wasn't the scene I was 'looking' for, either.

I had hoped for that gorgeous pre-dawn light, crimson skies, and streaking clouds.

That scene never materialized. As I was collapsing my tripod, my stomach rumbling eagerly for the delight that is backcountry breakfast, I glanced back as the sun began to peak from behind the mountains.

I set up my tripod once again, and watched as a subtle shaft of light began to grow. It grew brighter, and as it did, the mountains to my left were enveloped in warm light.

It was 6:55 am.

2 hours and 14 minutes after sunrise.

Better late, than never...

I'm calling this image 'Sun-kissed Ramparts'. A part of me will always see these majestic rock walls and ridges as ancient battlements and castle walls, the fortifications of long-gone titans.

Sun-kissed Ramparts

I am setting the opening Rendition Print (#1) at an incredible 30″90″! (read about our completely unique ‘Rendition’ prints in this blog post)

Open Editions prints are also available in 12″x36″, 20″x60″, and 24″x72″ sizes.

If you are a collector, and would like to own the very first Rendition Print of this image, please contact us at 907-315-0191. Likewise, if you would like to own an Open Edition print, we would love to help you.