Outside the Comfort Zone

A Window Into Time

Why not go out on a limb? Isn't that where all the fruit is?" ~ Frank Scully

I don't do architecture.

It's boring. It's clinical. It's emotionless.

It's staid.

Until it's not.

The old Kennecott copper mine buildings have character. The exude it.

I find it amazing, that after roughly 70 years of disregard and abandonment, the paint is still a vibrant red.

Many of the buildings have succumbed to the elements and time. Some are being rebuilt to their former glory, this one is somewhere in between.

It hangs in limbo, part of the building caved in, and this part - awaiting its fate.

Will it be repaired and rebuilt, or will it be left to nature's devices and man's neglect? It will stand, until it doesn't.

Broken buildings are beautiful. They tell a story with such depth that new, "perfect" structures can't.

Buildings aren't boring. They aren't clinical. They have tons of emotion.

Until they don't.

Apparently, I do architecture.

There was no fruit on the limbs of the tree. The fruit was just behind the tree.