New Print Release - 'Of Light & Ice'

I'm really excited about this new image. I don't know that collectors will be, but my personal photography remains my ultimate form of expression.

If collectors bond with it, that is a bonus, as far as I am concerned.

If all we create is in the hope of appeasing a potential collector, I don't believe we should dare call ourselves 'artists'.

Create for you. Accolades & fans might follow, but regardless, you will have created something with a clean heart, untainted by greed, and unblemished by goals of appeasement.

Of Light & Ice

I’m proud to release “Of Light & Ice” as a new print to our collectors! This is a surreal image of small, glacial waterfall emerging from a moulin, deep beneath the Kennicott Glacier, in Alaska's Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.

I am setting the opening Rendition Print (#1) at 24″x36″. (read about our completely unique ‘Rendition’ prints in this blog post)

Open Editions prints are also available in 12″x18″, 16″x24″, and 20″x30″ sizes. This print will also be available in our new Canvas Wraps in all Open Edition sizes!

If you are a collector, and would like to own the very first Rendition Print of this image, please contact us at 907-315-0191. Likewise, if you would like to own an Open Edition print, we would love to help you.