New Print Release!

I'm just back from a 4-day backpacking trip into the Talkeetna Mountains. I'll be posting images from this adventure soon.

Needless to say, my (out of shape) body is in a bit of a revolt today - after several thousand feet of elevation change and over a dozen miles of (mostly) off-trail trekking with 40 pound packs.

So, I think I'll be tackling some writing today. And drinking water.

I'm really excited about this new image.

I was drawn to the patterns the cloud's shadows were making on the landscape, as they drifted slowly overhead. Where gaps in the clouds appeared, a cobalt-blue sky beckoned. We drove around, looking for a proper foreground. I was looking for something with a (basically) even tonality in the foreground, to offset the dramatic landscape. As the road descended towards Long Lake, on the Glenn Highway, I knew I was in the right area. There is a small, dirt pull off about 1/2 way down the lake's edge - about 200 feet above the surface of the lake. I took several photographs, but the cloud shadows were not in the ideal positions. So, I did what all dedicated artists do.

I waited... impatiently... glancing hopefully at my wife...

Thankfully, it wasn't a long wait. Only a 1/2 hour.

Much shorter than many of my previous wild goose chases. But while we waited, I realized that - regardless of how long the wait is, you have to be willing to put the time in.


You have to take that chance. Believing something is there... understanding that it just needs time to 'develop'.

It is the same thing as a relationship.

The effort that you put into getting to learn more about your subject, through time and proximity, the more intimate you become with it.

And like any worthwhile relationship, you have to listen to what your subject is trying to tell you, and not rush it.

It is very rare (for me, anyway) to get a good image immediately upon visiting a new location.

It usually takes repeated trips - unfruitful attempts, until 'the stars align'.

Without putting the time into a place, you come away with just a cursory glance - a vapid experience.

I've driven by this location hundreds of times - always knowing that I would make an image here. I'd imagined that it would be during the stunning colors of sunrise or sunset.

But it took time to realize that the location really glowed on a summer evening.

I am calling this new image, "Time & Place".

Time and Place

photocrati gallery

In the end, it was created using 3 separate photographs. Each taken vertically, then aligned in Photoshop. This method, rather than taking 1 horizontal photograph, produces a much higher resolution final image - which allows me to create larger prints.

With that in mind, I am setting the opening Rendition Print (#1) at 40"x60"! (read about our completely unique 'Rendition' prints in this blog post)

Open Editions prints are also available in 12"x18", 16"x24", 20"x30", 24"x36", and 30"x45" sizes.

If you are a collector, and would like to own the very first Rendition Print of this image, please contact us at 907-315-0191. Likewise, if you would like to own an Open Edition print, we would love to help you.