An update from 'the field'

_MG_4270-Edit I'm still out and about on my fall color trip, but I wanted to get a quick update out.

Here's the route we've driven so far:

Anchorage -> Glennallen (via the Glenn Hwy)

Glennallen -> Paxson (via the Richardson Hwy)

Paxson -> Alpine Creek Lodge (via the Denali Hwy)

Alpine Creek Lodge -> Paxson (again, via the Denali Hwy)

Paxson -> McCarthy/Kennicott Glacier Lodge (via the Richardson Hwy, then the Edgerton Hwy and the McCarthy Road)

This morning (Monday... I think, it's all become such a blur), we leave for Sheep Mountain Lodge, along the Glenn Hwy. We will be taking the McCarthy Road/Edgerton Hwy to the Richardson Hwy, where we will likely travel south at first towards Thompson Pass & Keystone Canyon. Then we'll double back and head for Glennallen, and finally to Sheep Mountain Lodge. The last 7 days have been an absolute whirlwind as we chased fall colors.

We've gotten absolutely soaking wet from the frequent rains, but smiles still abound! We've had some awesome experiences, including working on macro photography along the Denali Hwy (because the clouds moved in and obscured the mountains), and spending several hours inside an immense ice cave, under the Kennicott Glacier.

By immense, I mean immense. It is at least 300 feet deep, winds back and forth beneath over 70 feet of ice, and branches into two smaller, sub-caves near the end. What an incredible location! Every time I enter a glacial ice cave, I feel extremely fortunate. But this experience certainly 'takes the cake'. About half-way through this cave, we had to use headlamps to navigate, as it was so dark.

Just to give you an idea of the size of this cave, the ceiling here is around 20 feet tall. That height is maintained for much of the length of the cave, even increasing to nearly 30 feet in some areas.

I have several other images from this cave (and from this trip) that I'll be sharing over the next several weeks! That's all for today, but please comment below if you have any questions or just want to say, "hi!" - I love hearing from everyone:)