Good morning everyone! It is time for a few updates and reminders. Blogging Schedule

Because of my busy schedule, I'm shifting blog posts (from the current Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule) to Tuesdays and Fridays. Yep, I'm cutting back a little bit. In my advanced age, it takes a lot of effort to use my walker to get from the La-Z-Boy to the office... step, drag, step, drag... step drag, stumble drool. Just kidding. The time required to complete our ongoing projects demands more time.

We are still accepting entries for our Holiday Print Giveaway. If you would like to have a 1 in 250 chance of winning a beautiful 24"x36" (signed) print of "Fall's Red Carpet" (image below), be sure to check out this blog post for details and to sign up!

Fall's Red Carpet

Print Catalog Available for Download

In case you missed the announcement, you can also download our free Print Catalog. This pdf file is a really fun way to peruse some of our most popular fine art prints. We keep copies on our iPad Minis, in case we don't have any printed copies with us. Of course, if you would like to order a printed copy to review, they are just $8.60 + shipping/handling. We are extremely proud of how they turned out, and are included in every print order!

Catalog Preview

New Sony Cameras About to be Announced!

If you read my blog post from waaaaaaaay back in July (the 23rd, to be exact) - entitled "The State of Camera Tech" - you'll know that I am actively looking to replace my Canon camera system. The Sony NEX system has held my interest for several months, but has not pulled me away from my 5D Mark 2 & 7D combo. My issue with the current NEX system is sensor size. If I replace my beloved SLRs with a smaller camera body system, I need a full frame sensor with high resolution. So I am very excited to see what Sony has to announce tonight, with the update to their Alpha system in the form(s) of the Sony A7 and A7R. The A7R is where my real interest lies though - with a (supposedly) 36 megapixel, full frame sensor. The body is going to be lighter than the current Olympus OM-D EM1 (which is diminutive compared to either of my current camera bodies), and fully weather sealed. If pricing leaks are to be trusted, it will also be $200-$300 cheaper than the Nikon D800e. It will also weigh less than half of the D800e! Initially, the lens offering will be limited (since it is an entirely new camera system), but is supposed to grow very quickly over the next 12 months. As much as I completely agree with the 'camera doesn't make the photographer/photographs', I'm still a techie as well:)

Sony A7r

It's an exciting time to be a photographer.

See you on Friday!