We are back!

Well, after several days, our site is back and (should be) fully accessible. Some people may have a little bit to wait, as our new 'location' (we changed nameservers) is propagated around the entire web. You may have noticed, prior to our recent upgrade and change to a new hosting company, web pages were loading progressively slower (if at all), and the load speeds would vary greatly throughout the day. It was not abnormal for my admin page (where I control the actual content of the webpage) to take 30 seconds, or more, to load completely. This made updating or editing content very difficult and frustrating, as you can likely imagine.

Well, that problem is (thankfully) no more. Thanks go out to HostGator's superb customer support & website transfer team! If you notice any problems, please let me know - I do appreciate your patience during this transition.

I'll have a regular blog post for tomorrow, and have scheduled another for Friday, as I'll be traveling for one of my ongoing projects.

Thanks again for your patience! I'll be working on some areas of the site today as well, to restore functionality.