Hi, I'm David! I'm a former photographer, a former Alaskan, and a former chronically depressed human being. I am a meditator, and I'm on a mission.

My "depressing" story begins over twenty years...

It's not really a "depressing" story, as it a story about depression. It's probably very similar to your story. I'm sure the names, faces, situations, and dates are very different, but the depression part - yeah that's going to be almost identical. You see, our life stories are all very unique. Unique things happen to all of us; unique moments of awe, and uniquely awesome moments of terror. Some of you have dealt with your depression far longer than I have; some of you are just getting started. Some of you have been beaten, physically and/or emotionally, by others and/or by yourselves. I'm sorry.

Some of you have been diagnosed with a horrific disease, or are close to someone to has.

Some of you have been cheated on, and some of you are chronic cheaters. Some of you have let others down, and most of you have let yourselves down.

Some of you just lost your job, and some of you don't know what your career should be. Some of you know exactly what you want to do in life, or be, but can't quite reach it, or figure out how to get there.

Some of you are dealing with loss, death, or are very afraid of it. I know, I'm right there with you.

We all have our stories, the ones led us to this point in our lives. The ones we feel make us who we are. They may have shaped us to this point, but these are choices. Choice that, up until now, have been largely subconscious.

The stories we share in common, are the ones we tell ourselves. The story of the "what if's?" The "why not's" & "why not me's?" The "how comes?" These are the stories we tell ourselves.

These are the stories we allow to run, and all too frequently - to ruin - our lives.

You see, this isn't my story. It's ours. It's the story we keep telling ourselves. I deserved that/this abuse; I'm not good at ____; I'm a horrible person; I don't deserve him/her or this; I don't deserve - or I'll never find - happiness. I'll never be able to ____; I'm a failure. Etc.

This is our story, our shared one. That means you're not alone. I'm here to teach you how to take control of the stories you tell yourself, to shape your own narrative, once and for all.

And then you are going to pay it forward. Because the best stories are the real ones. The ones we want to share with others.

This isn't a story about depression. This is a story of hope. Of mine, and of yours. It's a story I hope you'll take to heart. 

My story begins over 20 years ago...