Autumnal Interlude AC003

Autumnal Interlude
Autumnal Interlude

Autumnal Interlude AC003

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Early this morning, I brought Jena back to this location. She had not seen this area yet, and I knew that I seem to have better luck when my muse is by my side:)
Fall is starting to set its frosty grip into the alpine tundra; the willow (and some of the mosses) are tinged with gold, and the spent fireweed are shifting to their red phase. The wet rocks have turned slick with a thin coating of ice, and I have to be cautious with my breath when working close to the camera.
It won't be long now. Soon we'll be seeing snow dusting the mountain peaks near our home, and the sporadic spots of yellow in the trees will become a golden blanket covering the ground.
I love this transitory period.
It no longer feels like summer, but fall is still a simple whisper, rather than the coming boom of color. The promise of things to come.

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