Facing the Sea AC009

Facing the Sea
Facing the Sea

Facing the Sea AC009

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The horned puffin is one of my favorite birds. Although some describe it as 'comical' in appearance, I find it incredibly regal looking, especially when poised atop a narrow ledge on a remote island off the coast of Alaska. 

I found this pair of puffins huddled on a precipitous sea wall, above the crashing North Pacific Ocean, on one of the hundreds of rugged islands in Kenai Fjords National Park.

I was immediately drawn in by the textures of the cliff, accentuated by the soft, cloud filtered, light that brushed against the wall towering above me. Patches of lush, green moss clung to crevices, and draped itself between gaps and geometrically arranged rocky outcroppings.

There were several puffins sitting stoically, facing the open ocean, their backs literally to the wall. But I was looking for a pair, weathering the breaking waves together, a sense of companionship.

As we neared the end of the wall, I thought I had missed my opportunity. I hadn't seen any closely sitting pairs. Several bachelors, but no couples with the right surroundings. As we rounded a shallow corner, I glanced up and saw this pair coming into view. The light was perfect. The surroundings appropriate. And the puffins looked exactly as I had been hoping for.

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