Fractura AC012


Fractura AC012

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It was a cold, crystal-clear day, with temperatures hovering just above 0 the entire time. We walked right past this section of the glacier, not even seeing it, on our way an area in front of the icefall, where we spent the bulk of our time. 

This wasn't a large ice cave, not even enough room to stand up inside at its tallest section. But my wife had never seen the incredible beauty of an ice cave, so it was still an wonderful experience. What this photograph can't tell you, is that all those incredible fractures in the ceiling of the ice cave - the ones that make the surface look so broken, and jagged - are actually nestled beyond the surface of the ice.
Several inches in.
The ice was so clear, that it magnifies them, and tricks your eyes with the depth. When I put my hand up to touch the ice, it surprised me to find it much closer than I perceived. Just subtly shifting my view, left or right, and the fractures distorted, and lurched in odd directions, almost giving me a sense of vertigo. It was like being inside a geode, where the surface of the crystals had been covered in a thick liquid glass. The surface of the ice was absolutely smooth, except for the subtle ripples and scalloping that the flowing water had created, when it tunneled the cave into existence.
What I really liked about this scene was how the (apparent) jaggedness in the ceiling was paired with the silky flowing snow drift in the foreground, and the opposition of the coldness of the ice, versus the relative "warmth" of the sun hitting the snow.

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