Echo Bridge NW003

Echo Bridge
Echo Bridge

Echo Bridge NW003

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Sometimes, the most unassuming pit stops reveal the most beauty.

On our way to Ely, we pulled over at one of Minnesota's many State Parks that bisect scenic Highway 61.

There was a short path that led down from the road, towards the Lake Superior shoreline. We crossed a narrow foot bridge and watched the water rush between the sculpted rock walls. Behind us, I noticed a lone fisherman working the base of the chasm. It was a lovely spot, the random noise of the road completely washed out by the roar of the cascade.
He gave us a quick, warm smile, waved, and went back to concentrating on his cast. As I stood on a narrow, natural rock platform, setting up my composition, I stopped for a minute. The water rushing beneath me, a swirl of color and light, and I found myself thinking of the fisherman. I flashed a smile of my own, and went back to work behind the camera.

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