Turnagain Glow PC015

Turnagain Glow PC015

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Perseverance and trust. That's what made this photograph.

That and some incredibly beautiful light.

The mosquitoes can be deadly along Turnagain Arm, in the summer time. They collect under the leaves and flowers of the lupine, which grow thick through June and early July. Walking amongst the lupine disturbs them, and if they weren't swarming you before, they will be very shortly. Luckily, a mosquito head net is an easy, cost effective solution, and when you walk into a scene like this, it is difficult to say the experience isn't worth a little lost blood.

When we arrived, there were stacked lenticular clouds in every direction. The sky looked prime to explode at sunset. But there was an unknown, lurking at the sunset horizon over the mountains to the northwest. Clouds. Despite having wonderfully diverse and unique clouds in the scene I wished to photograph, it was all for naught, if the sun didn't find a way to sneak through the seemingly impenetrable clouds, and light up what was laid out in front of me.

Time slipped away way too rapidly. Sunset was approaching fast. Too fast. Clouds were still barricading the horizon, blocking the sun from lighting up a potentially amazing sky. My wife even voiced her concern, asking if I thought we should pack it up and head home for the night.

I had a feeling. We stayed. Nothing happened. Sunset drifted into the present, and nary a warm color being cast. I looked at my backpack laying a few feet away, considered breaking down my camera and packing it up.

Then it happened.

A glimmer of warm light wove its way through and glanced off a section of clouds. The color and light quickly built, flooding across the higher altitude cloud bank, nearly silhouetting the lower lenticular clouds. At that moment, the steady breeze we had felt throughout the evening, faded almost completely. The lupine slowed in their waving, and sky and foreground came together to form one of the most stunning sunset scenes I've ever witnessed.

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