Remnant TT002

Remnant TT002

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Ravens dance during a long exposure, atop what remains of an old pier. The structure is all that remains after the 1964 Good Friday Earthquake, and the subsequent devastating tsunami, wreaked havoc on a port city that was just waking up from a peaceful nights rest. 

16 x 20 - Open Edition Print = $200
16 x 20 - Open Edition Canvas = $350
24 x 30 - Open Edition Canvas = $600
24 x 30 - Limited Edition Print = $1,200 (Limited to 50 prints)
28 x 36 - Limited Edition Print = $2,500 (Limited to 25 prints)
28 x 36 - Limited Edition Canvas = $2,000 (Limited to 25 prints)

Prices for Limited Edition Prints & Canvases are for the base tier. As tiers are sold off, prices rise as scarcity increases.

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