Tranquility TT004

Tranquility TT004

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The moments immediately preceding sunrise sunrise are always ones of heightened anticipation. The brilliant flash of light as it crests the mountains seems to be a frequently sought subject, but I search for the calm before sunrise.

Colors are intense, but there is a softer light to the foreground. It glows, almost as if it is excited to transition from the cool blue tones of shade and bask in the brilliance of the coming day. The clarity of the light is paired only with the abstractness of the failing dusk.

16 x 20 - Open Edition Print = $200
16 x 20 - Open Edition Canvas = $350
24 x 30 - Open Edition Canvas = $600
24 x 30 - Limited Edition Print = $1,200 (Limited to 50 prints)
28 x 36 - Limited Edition Print = $2,500 (Limited to 25 prints)
28 x 36 - Limited Edition Canvas = $2,000 (Limited to 25 prints)

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