Through Time

Living Landscapes


For 'Through Time', I searched for a way to immerse myself even deeper into the landscapes I cherish. I searched for a more intimate understanding of the rhythms of nature. I learned a long time ago, that the longer I spend at a location, the more thoroughly I grasp its energy. By quieting myself, I am able to witness the more subtle beauties surrounding me. The world begins to accept me.

The bonds that I am developing through this project are among the deepest I've experienced yet. Most photographs are created in less than 1 second. Some of my aurora borealis photographs stretch this out to nearly 30 seconds. But the photographs that are part of 'Through Time', take several minutes to create. This technique parallels meditative practices. Awareness increases. Time slows. I - and in turn, what I create - become more mindful. Rather than rushing between exposures, I immerse myself deeper with each passing second. In these minutes, I am privileged to watch the landscape unveil its true temperament and idiosyncrasies. Patterns emerge, merge, then evaporate. The landscape breathes, pulses, rises, and falls.

These landscapes are very much alive.